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Advanced Information Technolog Projects:






Foundations of Programming Projects:




Links to Videos Used In Advanced Information Technology:

1.  SSDs (Solid State Drives) vs HDD (Hard Disk Drive - mechanical)

2.  History of Operating Systems by PBS Digital

3.  Operating Systems Compared by Backyard Tech


4.  Memory Storage and Response Time by PBS

5.  I3, I5, I7 processors explained by Tech Quickie

6.  Printers Explained by PowerCert Animated Video


7.  Browser Basics by GCF Foundation

8.  Top Five Web Brosers by TechGumbo

9.  How Web Browsers Work by Open Canvas


10.               Word 25 tips by Open Canvas by Sele Training

11.               Word 2016 in 13 min by bai

12.               Hub, Switch & Router, What's the Difference by PowerCert Animated Videos


13.               What is TCP/IP by Tech Quickie

14.               Mac Tutorial for PC Users - Beginners by Anson Alexander

15.               The Rise and Fall of Java by The Science Elf


16.               How Smartphone works by The Ultimate Archive

17.               32 Bit vs 64 Bit by PowerCert Animated Videos

18.               The Ten Commandments of Computer Ethics by popular1227


19.               How Do SIM Cards Work by Techquickie

20.               Top 25 Excel 2016 Tips and Tricks by Sele Training

21.               Top 15 Advanced Excel 2016 Tips and Tricks


22.               Conditional Formatting, Count, CountIF, IF Condition by Professor Adam Morgan

23.               MS Word MOS Test by Mike's Office

24.               Faster Internet for FREE in 30 seconds, by Linus Tech Tips


25.               Everything You Need to Know About 5G, by IEEE Spectrum

26.               Why Bing Isn't a Failure (& the Future of the Internet), by PolyMatter

27.               Intranet VS Extranet, by Nik Khalish


28.               Occupational Video - Computer Network Administrator,by ALISwebsite

29.               Social Networking in Plain English,by Common Craft

30.               Blogs in Plain English, by Common Craft


31.               Blogs in Plain English, by Don Presantt


Links to Videos Used In Foundations of Programming:

1.  Communication Barriers by Communication Coach Alex Lyon

2.  Braille display and other adaptive technology by CNIB

3.  8 Tricks For Reading People's Body Language by EduXtube


4.  Python Turtle shape, shapesize, params, experimentation by George Boole

5.  Integer, Float and Math by Trevor Payne

6.  Python Functions Python Tutorial by Learn Python Programming


7.  Thonny - a Python IDE for beginners by Mike Zamansky

8.  Sound - How to Play a Sound with Python in Windows by Christian Thompson

9.  MIT0 How to Download Your App on Your Android Device by Olivia Leung


10.               MIT1 Talk To Me (part 1), MIT App Inventor Tutorial #1 by MIT

11.               MIT2 Talk To Me (part 2), MIT App Inventor Tutorial #2 by MIT

12.               MIT3 Ball Bounce, MIT App Inventor Tutorial #3 by MIT


13.               MIT4 Digital Doodle, MIT App Inventor Tutorial #4 by MIT

14.               MIT5 How To Use a Web Viewer In a MIT App Inventor App by Alex Klee

15.               MIT6 Publish to the MIT App Inventor Gallery by


16.               MIT7 App inventor 2 clock tutorial by Bee Bee Tutorials

17.               MIT8 How To Make A Web Browser by Ken Jasim

18.               MIT9 Android App Inventor Email Form Tutorial by Jason Tyler


19.               MIT10 BarCode Scanner, by Ralph Morelli

20.               Introduction to Software Development Process Models by Philip Johnson

21.               Introduction to Scrum - 7 Minutes by Uzility


22.               Python- Zelle 510-Python Line Graphic Example by tsbrownie

23.               Python Graphics Programming Images and text, by Left Peel

24.               Appropriate/Inappropriate Online Behaviors, by Lyn Belveal


25.               Internet Safety Tips for Teens, by Josh Shipp

26.               Run Python On Android by AGR Technology

27.               How to run Python on Android by THE INDIAN GEEKS


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