Life Science


1. Pattern of Life

1.1 Science Confirms the Bible

1.2 A year of Life Science in 3 minutes-Middle School Science

1.3characteristicsof Living Things-What makes something alive

 1.4 The Steps of the Scientific Method for Kids - Science for Children FreeSchool

 1.5 Biology Independent vs. Dependent Variables

 1.6 Classification of Living Things

2 Cells

 2.1 -6 Main Points of Modern Cell Theory

 2.2 Biology Cell Transport

2.3 Cell- Type of Cell- Organelles- and their Function 

2.4 Fluid Mosaic Model of the Cell Membrane

2.5 Photosynthesis 

2.7 Your Bodys- Molecular Machines

3 Information

3.1 What is DNA and How Does it Work

3.2 What is a gene

3.3 mitosis 3d animation Phases of mitosiscell division

3.4 Meiosis Genetics Biology FuseSchool

3.5 From DNA to protein - 3D

3.6 Mitosis - Stages of Mitosis Cells Biology FuseSchool

3.7 What happens when your DNA is damaged - Monica Menesini

3.11DNA Replication Genetics Biology FuseSchool

3.15 DNA replication - 3D

4 Genetics

4.1 Genetics 101 National Geographic

4.2 Punnett Squares the basics

4.3 Incomplete Dominance- Codominance- Polygenic Traits- and Epistasis-

4.4 Founder Effect- Bottle Necking- and Genetic Drift

4.4 Natural Selection Examples from the Galapagos

4.5 K-Bio Evolution 3 The Modern Synthesis

4.5What is an Allele Quick Definition

4.10 What is Natural Selection

5 Change

5.1 Theory of Evolution How did Darwin come up with it - BBC News

5.2 Does Science Support Evolutionary Theory

5.3 vestigial-organs-evidence-for-evolution

5.5 LONG12 Genetics and The Modern Synthesis Crash Course History of Science 35


6 Bacteria and Viruses

6.1 Archaea

6.5 Viruses Molecular Hijackers

6.6 COVID-19 Animation What Happens If You Get Coronavirus

6.7 Retroviruses Microbial Supervillains

6.12 Introduction to Bacteria

6.15 Endospore Formation

7 Protists and Fungi

7.1 Introduction to cilia- flagella and pseudopodia Cells High school biology Khan Academy

7.2 Mechanism Of Ciliary and Flagellar Beating 3D Animation

7.2B How a Paramecium Eats-

7.3 Are You Smarter Than A Slime Mold

7.4 Paramecium The White Rat of Ciliates

7.5 SILENT-Paramecia Tutorial

7.6 Fungal Morphology The Parts of a Mushroom

7.7 What are fungi - The Fungi Kingdom for kids

7.8 This Underground Economy Exists in a Secret Fungi Kingdom

7.9 When Fungus Grew to the Size of Trees

7.10 What is a fungus - Naked Science Scrapbook

7.14 This Pulsating Slime Mold Comes in Peace -ft. It-s Okay to Be Smart- Deep Look

7.15 This Ciliate Is About to Die

7.18 Slime Molds When Micro Becomes Macro

7.19 10 Fantastic Fungi Superpowers

7.20 38. Paramecium

8 Plants

8.2 Seeds and Spores

9 Plant Functions

9.1 Plant Tropism

9.2 Plant Responses to the Environment Tropisms and Defenses

9.3 PLANT HORMONES - Auxin Gibberellin Cytokinin Ethylene Abscisic Acid

9.5 The amazing ways plants defend themselves - Valentin Hammoudi

9.6 On Alternation of Generations

10 Animals

10.1 Invertebrates

10.2 Why Are We Warm-Blooded

10.3 Why Don-t Sharks Have Bones

10.5 Amphibians for Kids What is an Amphibian Learn the characteristics of amphibians

10.6 What is a Reptile Let-s learn all about reptiles for kids Understanding reptile characteristics

10.7 Reptiles- Breathing Hack Helped Birds Dominate the Air

10.8 Fun Facts about Mammals Mammals The Good and the Beautiful

10.19 Bird feathers

Bacterial Conjugation

 Chordates - CrashCourse Biology 24

Specialized Transduction

The Inner Life of the Cell

Why Is Our Skeleton On the Inside