Earth Science

Videos  This is the bank of videos your assignments come from.

1. Method and Study

1.1- Introduction to Earth Science

1.2- What is Earth Science

1.3- Christian Perspectives on the Age of the Earth - Ken Keathley

1.4 7 Scientific Urban Legends Debunked-

1.4- The Gap Theory Explained

1.5 The Scientific Method Steps- Terms and Examples


2. Matter and Energy

2.1- States of Matter PhET Simulation

2.2 Measuring Matter Song - Science Music Video

2.3 Types Of Forces


2.5 LONG12 What Is an Atom and How Do We Know

2.6 The Law of Conservation of Matter

2.7  How polarity makes water behave strangely - Christina Kleinberg [360p]

2.8 - Is Glass a Liquid

2.9 Boiling cold water In a Vacuum Chamber

2.9 States of Matter

3. Maps and Mapping

3.1 A Brief History of Cartography and Maps

3.2- Why all world maps are wrong

3.3-Latitude and Longitude

3.4- The Coastline Paradox Explained

3.5- Meet Zealandia_ The Earth's '8th Continent' (and Real-Life Atlantis)

3.6 What is Digital Cartography READONLY

3.7- Scientific Notation Explained

3.90 -What if Antarctica MELTED 

4. Geology

4.1 Why Do We Have Different Seasons California Academy of Sciences

4.2 Uniformitarianism - Geoessentials 1

4.3- LONG10 What Would a Journey to the Earth's Core Be Like

4.4- The Mystery of the Earth's Core Explained

4.5- The Deepest Hole in the World, And What We've Learned From It

4.6 Earth-s Precious Resources

4.7- The Mystifying Structures Hidden Within Earth's Mantle

4.14- What Can We Learn By Drilling Into The Earth's Mantle   

4.19- Behind the expedition to the Earth's mantle 

5. Dynamic Forces

5.1 Plate Boundaries _ Tectonic plates (Educational)

5.2 Snowball Earth  How the Universe Works

5.3Climate 101 Glaciers  National Geographic

5.4 Ice Ages _ Climate Cycles

5.5Chapter 3 Plate Tectonics Topic   The theory of Plate Tectonics Std 9

5.6- Continental Drift

5.7- Continental Drift and Plate Tectonics

5.8 The Age of Giant Insects

5.9 ice-age Biblical

5.10- What Really Killed Off the Woolly Mammoth

5.11 How North America got its shape - Peter J. Haproff 

6. Earthquakes

6.1- Earthquake Science, and the Disaster That Created It

6.2- Can We Stop An Earthquake  -- Extreme Science 3

6.3- Earthquake Faults, Plate Boundaries, _ Stress (Educational)

6.4- Moment Magnitude Explained What Happened to the Richter Scale

6.5- See the ground actually open up and move!

6.6- Why do buildings fall in earthquakes - Vicki V. May

6.7 How does Earthquake occur with explanation - Social Science 3D animation video in HD

6.8 Seismic SlinkyAn analogy for P - S waves -educational-

6.9 LONG8 Seismic waves Earth geological and climatic history Cosmology - Astronomy Khan Academy

6.22- This Earthquake Drowned the Pacific Northwest

6.26b- Earthquake Simulator 1 

7. Mountains

7.1- Rockies Thrust Up  National Geographic

7.2- Why is Mount Everest so tall - Michele Koppes

7.3- Is an Ice Age Coming  Space Time  PBS Digital Studios

7.4- Moonquakes and Marsquakes

7.5- How Do Rock Layers Show a Young Earth

7.6 Anticlines and Synclines

7.7 Plunging anticlines and synclines

7.8 Earth Layers & Isostasy

7.9 The Alleghanian Orogeny

7.10 The Last Time the Globe Warmed

7.11 Types of mountains and how they are formed

8. Volcanoes

8.1- How to Classify Volcanoes

8.2-LONG12 Types of Eruptions

8.3- The colossal consequences of supervolcanoes - Alex Gendler

8.4- Magma Viscosity, Gas Content _ Milkshakes

8.5- Volcanoes Mother of Disasters

8.6- Weird Places_ The Glowing Blue Lava at Kawah Ijen

8.7- Global Sustainable Electricity, Fresh Water, and Deep-Ocean Mining from Marshall Hydrothermal

8.8- River of Lava  Benedict Cumberbatch Narrates South Pacific  BBC Earth

8.10- Types of Lava Flows

8.11 Deadly Mount St Helens

8.12 All About Volcanoes for Children Introduction to Volcanoes for Kids - FreeSchool

8.13 Hawaiian Lava Flows

8.14 Hawaii's Hotspot

9. Minerals and Ores

9.1- Identifying Minerals

9.2- Mineral Cleavage

9.3- How to Use the Mohs Scale to Determine Mineral Hardness

9.4- How Does Radiometric Dating Work  Ars Technica

9.5- Radiometric Dating _ the Age of the Earth Bible History vs. Secular Science

9.6 Rocks and Minerals

9.7-Who Melted the Earth

9.8 Minerals and Ores Chemistry for All The Fuse School

9.9 Rock to Iron

9.10 How Do Gemstones Form

9.20 How to Find Oil on Your Land

10. Rocks

10.1- What is an Igneous Rock

10.2- What is a metamorphic rock

10.3- What is a Sedimentary Rock

10.4- Metamorphic Rocks Introduction

10.5- Sedimentary Rocks Introduction

10.6- Igneous Rocks Introduction

10.15 Things You Never Knew About The Earth

10.20 Sedimentary Rocks

10.21 Sedimentary Rocks


11. Fossils

11.1- Fossils 101  National Geographic

11.2- Fossils - Science and the Bible

11.3 Dr Mary Schweitzer discovers T-rex blood cells - Horizon Dinosaurs The Hunt for Life - BBC Two

11.3b What Does Dinosaur Soft Tissue Look Like  Beyond Is Genesis History Clip

11.4- Soft Tissue Found Inside a Dinosaur Bone!

11.5- Common Misconceptions About Evolution

11.6 Radiometric Dating - Part 1

11.7- Earth's rarest and ancient fossils  BBC

11.8 Tar Noir Paleoforensics at the La Brea Tar Pits

11.9 Dinosaur Soft Tissue  David Rives

11.10- Artifacts that Challenge Evolution Throughout the Geologic Column


12. Weathering

12.1 What is Weathering

12.2 Weathering and Erosion Crash Course Kids 10.2

12.3 Weathering, Erosion, and Deposition Song

12.4 How Do Glaciers Move

12.5 Chemical Weathering Basics

12.6 NO TALK Erosion and Weathering Earth Time Lapse

12.7 Erosion and Soil

12.8 Types of Weathering

12.9 Why Do Rivers Curve

12.10 Why Do Rivers Have Deltas

12.11 Weathering

13. Oceans

13.1- The Ocean is Way Deeper Than You Think

13.2 Where Did Earth's Water Come From

13.3 Why Is the Ocean Blue

13.4 Turbidity currents 2

13.6 Great Barrier Reef _ Exploring Oceans

13.7 Ocean Acidification

13.8 A New Hawaiian Island _ National Geographic

13.8 Salinity

13.9 Origins of Oceans  National Geographic

13.9 Did Earth Always Have Water A Cosmic H2Origin Story

13.10 Top 10 Ocean Phenomena

 14. Ocean Dynamics

14.1 Ocean's Tides Explained

14.2Space Science Tutorial Spring and Neap Tides

14.3 Barycentric balls - classroom demonstration video, VP07a

14.4- NASA _ The Ocean_ A Driving Force for Weather and Climate

14.5- NASA Ocean Salinity Affecting Currents

14.6- Ocean Circulation - Class 7

14.7- Coriolis Effect

14.7b- The Coriolis Effect

14.8- READ ONLY Hansen_ Ekman's Spiral and the effects of Ekman Transport

14.9- How science explains monster waves

14.13- What is the Coriolis Effect

14.15 GCSE Science Revision - Types of Waves

14.17- The Science of Waves on Water - Physics of an Ocean Wave - Classroom Video

14.45  Wind Driven Circulation (Ekman Transport)


15 Exploration

15.2 Bathysphere and Beyond WCS

15.3 Surviving the worlds deepest scuba dive Liquid breathing and beyond

15.4 Why the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans Don-t Mix

15.5 The Massive Flood That Triggered an Ice Age w PBS Eons

15.6 Hansen_ Ekman's Spiral and the effects of Ekman Transport

15.7 How Does An Oasis Form

15.8 The Science of Waves on Water - Physics of an Ocean Wave - Classroom Video

15.10 What's At The Bottom Of The Great Blue Hole

15.13 Ecosystem_ Open Ocean


 16 Surface Waters

16.1 What is Floodplains by Design

16.2 Why Do Rivers Curve

16.2B Why Do Rivers Have Deltas

16.3 The Gulf Stream Explained

16.4 Look What Happens When a Huge Dam Is Opened-

16.5 What is a Drainage Basin

16.5B Limnology 101 Lake Stratification -Part 1-

16.6 NALMS Student Video Series 2 Lake Mixing - Stratification

16.6B Ice and snow How Great Lakes affect winter weather

16.7 Watersheds- Rivers and Floodplains

16.8 What�s so great about the Great Lakes - Cheri Dobbs and Jennifer Gabrys

16.9 How 7-000 Years of Epic Floods Changed the World -w SciShow--

16.15 The 100 Year Flood Is Not What You Think It Is (Maybe)

16.17 Geography- Stages of a River

 17 Ground Water

17.1 What Is Groundwater

17.2 The Water Cycle 

17.3 What is Groundwater

17.4 Florida-s Aquifer- The Treasure Below

17.5 Inside an Aquifer part1 Introduction

17.6 LONG10 Inside an Aquifer part2 Cave Magic

17.7 What is Groundwater

17.7B How Caves and Speleothems Form

17.8 Formation of Karst Landscapes

17.11 How Do Caves Form

17.12 Unconfined Aquifers vs. Confined Aquifers

18 The Atmosphere

18.1 Bill Nye - Atmospheric Pressure

18.2 The Atmosphere

18.3 Reveal Earth's Atmosphere National Geographic

18.4 What Are the Van Allen Belts And How Can We Get Past Them

18.5 How Powering with Atmospheric Electricity Works

18.6 The Layers Of Atmosphere Air and Atmosphere What is Atmosphere Earth 5 Layers

18.7 Earth-s Magnetic Field - Earth itself is a huge magnet - Magnetosphere

19 Weather

19.1 Pressure Gradient Force

19.1B Our World What is Weather

19.2 Whats 1 knot

19.2B How does lightning work

19.3 Meteorology

19.4 EXPLAINED Wind Chill

19.5 Clouds -Cloud Types - Meteorology

19.6 Secrets of the Pressure Gradient Force

19.7 What is global circulation Part Two The three cells

19.8 Weather 101 A Tutorial on Cloud Types

19.10 What is the jet stream and how does it affect the weather

19.100 Atmospheric Circulation

20 Storms and Prediction

20.1 Predicting Weather

20.2 Sprites- Jets- and Glowing Balls The Science of Lightning

20.2B Meteorologist Ryan Davidson Explains Weather Maps

20.3 The Science of Hurricanes

20.3B Why the US has so many tornadoes

20.4 Engines of Destruction The Science of Hurricanes

20.5 Why a storm surge can be the deadliest part of a hurricane

20.6 El Ni�o and Why It-s So Hard To Predict the Weather

20.7 How do tornadoes form - James Spann

21 Climate

21.1 Bill Nye explains Seasons

21.1 Why does Climate vary in different parts of the Earth

21.2 The Canopy Theory - Creation Evidence 57

21.3 Climate Zones- Climate Change and Permaculture

21.4 El Nino and Why It-s So Hard To Predict the Weather

21.4b Understanding ENSO

21.5 Volcanic Climatic Effect

21.6 How To Track The Solar Cycle

21.7 The Worst Greenhouse Gas Might Surprise You Answers With Joe

21.8 Could Global Warming Start A New Ice Age

22 Sun and Moon

22.1 Sun 101 National Geographic

22.2A How do we know what the Sun is made of We The Curious

22.2B Spectroscopy of Stars - Wonders of the Universe Stardust - BBC Two

22.3 How Are Sun Spots Formed Solar Superstorms Spark

22.4 -3 Times We Captured Physical Pieces of the Sun

22.4 The Earth Is Wobbling The Precession of the Equinoxes

22.5 Moon 101 National Geographic

22.5B How the Sun works Fusion and Quantum Tunneling

22.6 Earth's Moon Why One Side Always Faces Us

22.7 The Secret of the Dark Side of the Moon

22.8 The moon illusion - Andrew Vanden Heuvel

22.8B Formation of Shadows - Umbra Prenumbra Antumbra -

22.9 How the Movement of Other Planets Affects Earth � Yes- Really

22.11 There's Water on the Moon and Possibly More Than We Thought SciShow News

22.12 Carbon on the Moon Hints That It Didn't Form Like We Thought SciShow News

22.14 Lunar Eclipse 101 National Geographic

23 Solar System

23.1 Solar System 101 National Geographic

23.1B Why is the Solar System Flat

23.2 Sun 101 National Geographic

23.3 LONG10 Mercury Crash Course Astronomy 13

23.4 LONG10 Venus Crash Course Astronomy 14

23.5 LONG10 Mars Crash Course Astronomy 15

23.6 LONG12 Asteroids Crash Course Astronomy 20

23.7 LONG11 Jupiter Crash Course Astronomy 16

23.8 LONG12 Saturn Crash Course Astronomy 18

23.9 LONG12 Uranus - Neptune Crash Course Astronomy 19

23.10 What Would It Be Like To Stand On Pluto

23.11 The Oort Cloud Believe it or Not

23.12 LONG10 Jupiter-s Moons Crash Course Astronomy 17

23.13 Comets Crash Course Astronomy #21

23.14 The Oort Cloud Crash Course Astronomy #22

23.15 Mercury Is So Hot- Its Making Ice

23.16 Comets Crash Course Astronomy #21

23.17 The Moon Crash Course Astronomy #12

23.18 Meteors: Crash Course Astronomy #23

24 Universe

24.1 LONG13 Celestial Coordinates

24.2 Stars 101 National Geographic

24.2B The Importance of Cepheid Variable Stars

24.3 The Great Attractor A Truly Massive Mystery

24.3B The Expanding Universe National Geographic

24.4 What Is The Drake Equation

24.5 Stars and Galaxies The Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram

24.6 Cosmic Microwave Background-CMB-Universe-s First Light

24.7 Episode 4 The Trouble With Copernicus

24.8 If the Universe is expanding- where is the centre

24.9 How the Edge of Our Galaxy Defies Known Physics

24.10 What is a Black Hole - Stephen Hawking-s final theory

24.11 Galaxies Don-t Spin The Way You Think 4K

24.12 The Beginning of Everything -- The Big Bang

24.16 Cosmogony - Origin of the Universe

24.25 White Holes An Impossible Possibility

25 Space Exploration

25.1 The Basic Telescope Types- OPT

25.2 Telescopes Crash Course Astronomy 6

25.3 What-s the Best Kind of Rocket Fuel

25.4 The Most Confusing Things About Spacecraft Orbits

25.5 Why zero gravity is a myth The amazing science of -floating- astronauts NASA-s Michelle Thaller

25.6 How does Jupiter make space things go faster -or- What-s a Gravity Assist-

25.7 How Do Gravitational Slingshots Work